The Snow Sled is Your Free Ticket to Great Winter Fun!

snow sled
Snow Sliding.

Snow Sliding Memories

Me on my snow sled speeding down the snowy hill of my parents' backyard.

I have many fond memories of this classic Canadian winter pass time.

I can clearly remember how excited I was for that first winter snowfall.

There's this period between autumn and winter that seemed to go on forever.

Too cold for me to use my bicycle, and not enough snow to build a snow man or go sliding. The wait in-between seasons felt like an eternity.

Fast Forward to Winter 2007-2008

family on snow sled
Family on Snow Sled.

snowbank sliding hilltree sliding hill
Snowbank Sliding Hill and Tree Sliding Hill.

I pulled out the plastic sled last year. It had been a couple of years, and I instantly realized how much I had missed it.

Here's a brief clip of the experience.

It certainly felt great to go snow sledding again.

That's me and my wife introducing our son to the joys of a snowy Canadian winter.

The snow bank in front of our home created the perfect sized snow hill.

As you can see, a good time was had by all. Free outdoor winter fun, literally just outside our front door.

Later in the season we decided to be a little more ambitious, as we tried some bigger hills.

If you've never been, this brief montage should give you a sense of how much fun it can be.

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